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Noting that the unfortunate social facts that undermine the society from which we quote:
The phenomenon of so-called witches’ children,
The denigration of children born with disabilities or mental illnesses, not to mention that albino children born in some regions are taxes wizards
The daughter-mother phenomenon that upstream remains a disgrace for the woman, the primordial person purporting secures the girl facing the scourge

Faces and the aforementioned strong facts of experience in supporting families, we are looking to put our experience into a profit seen to face the challenges that should answer the woman and what we believe to go with that informing woman who lives all phenomena ABOVE every day, knowing that the woman is the cradle of the world having received the power to crush the head of the serpent, that is to say, to eradicate the ills that plague the family cell mother of the world.
We also recognized in women odds, it is the three categories of the population who suffer from marginalization neglect and lack of attention on the part of society, we cite in this case:

Orphans which most cases are not assured of their right of succession.
Young single ladies, who for lack of a coaching lose the sense of integration to normal life and indulge a result prostitution is a lack of leadership; and finally

The elderly: who are often victims of the ingratitude of the company that their book themselves forgetting that the fruit cannot exist without the tree and fruit waiting to its ice to become the tree will have to know that the tree was as a result ” that is to say, the elderly is the meeting point of all men, and that those who arrived there, having reached the age are entitled to the attention that they also give to others.
This is what justifies our reason that drives us out of passivity facing all the above-described high ailments and for the same cause have estimated that it is appropriate and important to put in place a structure to provide support and channel to activities aimed at contributing as so-slightly to the resolution of the problems evoked above, thus in this date
It is created in London in the United Kingdom referred to as a Non-Governmental Organization